Summer Transitions


Today is not the official last day of summer. Today is the last official day before my kids start school.

I will allow my teens and tween to enjoy their slumber for one long, last summer day. Our summer was abundant. We had the opportunity to take a two week trip out west to see the national parks in an RV. My husband and I decided this vacation was a "electronics free zone" which was the best decision we made. Leaving them at home gave way to a feeling of peace and connectedness.


We transitioned to a bygone era of playing cards together, looking out the window, listening to the Gypsy Guide of Yellowstone and the Tetons, and reading books. Loads of books. We were calling "next" to read each other's books. We got slaphappy at night. We hung with our campsite neighbors. We went to bed early. Our sleep quality was amazing. We saw sites that I've never seen before and contemplated our existence under a super volcano.


As we transitioned home, I wondered how our family could hold on to this present and alive feeling from our vacation. How can we design our lives at home to leave room for living in freedom? What do we say yes to? What can we say no to? While we are still in charge of this family, what can we insist on for their own good


Tomorrow is transition time. We will transition as a family back to earlier mornings, homework, time with friends, and tighter timelines. We will release the unscheduled yumminess of summer.

It's that time of year when everyone is coming out of their summer haze. We are in transition.

Some of us are transitioning to empty nesters. Some of us have little ones starting kindergarten. We feel like we need to plan and action at the same time. We can feel overwhelmed. This is a great time to set an intention.

Try some stillness in between the busy to be still, present, and aware of what truly makes you feel free. What are your family intentions for this year? Where might you add some boundaries on your time for yourself or your family? What do you enjoy doing? What is your soul goal? It may be a great time to work in that yoga class you've been meaning to go to once a week.