What's next? Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

I came into coaching through the health door and find I'm still super passionate about hacking my own health. I truly believe that the body has the capacity to heal. I have learned so much about functional health over the years. I've decided to make it party of my offerings as a coach for those clients who really need help getting their energy back before tackling some bigger life goals.


I'm currently halfway through a program called Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

As a FDN practitioner, I will perform the type of detective work that identifies the possible underlying causes and conditions that create disease instead of treating symptoms. Using functional lab work, I can help you recognize patterns of imbalance in the body and identify healing opportunities. I chose FDN after researching many functional health programs. It is special since it also offers dedicated functional testing facilities and a network of specialists to support my clients if needed.


I don't believe our healthcare system is setup to diagnose or heal stress, low energy, thyroid issues, digestive distress, or other slow burning health problems.

Relief care is well served, but the "why" is often unanswered by the prevailing allopathic medical system. Have you ever been to your doctor complaining of symptoms and hear, "your labs look great and you look healthy?" This can be very frustrating. Before I successfully hacked my thyroid condition, I must have gone to 5 different doctors who all told me my labs were within the reference range. What if the reference range has nothing to do with MY optimum range? What if I'm feeling symptomatic? Symptoms are common, but not necessarily normal.


The world is moving swiftly to individualized medicine and customers are demanding better care. Better care means looking at the whole body and how it works together. Functional health coaching can be the bridge to wellness and vitality. Sadly, many doctors when confronted with enigmatic cases offer nothing or general prescriptions like anti-anxiety and depression medications. They do not have the time to go deeper to identify underlying malfunctions and then recommend a personal holistic protocol to support the body's ability to correct those malfunctions before they create major problems.


I cannot wait to finish my FDN education and start supporting my coaching clients with such a team behind me!


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